5 Strange foods you must try before you die

You think you have tried it all?? Think twice; here are Five strange foods you must try before you die.

1. Waffle-pizza dipper
Now here is one unique dish for all you pizza lovers. “Waffle-pizza dipper” is one unique combination of taste and presentation, with sensation of pizza ingredients and the appearance of waffle crispy wafers.


2. Johnny Jalapeno’s Tijuana Ice Cream
Named after the wild and crazy town of Tijuana, this ice cream made with fruit, Jalapenos, and Tequila is just as wild! This ice-cream has much more than it appears. The silkiness of the cream and its amazingly combined ingredients leave you over-whelmed.

Image Source: http://www.food.com/recipe/johnny-jalapenos-tijuana-ice-cream-with-variations-462498
Image Source: http://www.food.com/recipe/johnny-jalapenos-tijuana-ice-cream-with-variations-462498

3. Mochi
Mochi comes to us from Japan. It is made from glutinous rice, which is pounded into a paste and then shaped. It is usually shaped into sweets and ice-creams and will definitely leave you speechless!


4. Kimchi
Kimchi is a popular food originated in Korea. It is usually made from fermented cabbage, along with other ingredients. It can be quite spicy! It is considered as one of the healthiest food in the world and you ought to try its spiciness!


5. Tempeh
This is straight from Indonesia. The appearance won’t attract you whereas the biological ingredients like fungus Rhizopus oligo sporous and mycelium would hesitate you to try it. But, this dish is seemingly safe and absolutely yum!! The process of making Tempeh, would readily result into mouth-watering soy cake!! Yum, right??


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