6 Awesome dishes for Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa is celebrated with enthusiasm and like any other festival, mouth-watering feasts is also an inseparable part of the merriment. There is a whole variety of traditional Gudi Padwa dishes that double the joy of being together with the family on the first day of New Year.

Easy to cook and Traditional Recipes for Gudi Padwa Festival:

1. Mango Shrikhand (Amrakhand):

With summer on top, Gudi Padwa cannot be celebrated without a Mango dish. So, here is one easy recipe to sweeten your meal on Gudi Padwa with some mango delight!!


2. Puranpoli:

Puranpoli is one of the famous sweet dish in Maharashtra. This sweet flat bread is stuffed with the yummiest mixture of jaggery and boiled smashed lentils flavoured with the slightest hint of cardamom powder.


3. Pal Payasam:

A very traditional dish to delight your guests this New Year, Pal Payasam is a simple and sweet dish, preferred in most of the houses in India. This one is a must for your Gudi Padwa!


4. Kesari Bhaat:

The saffron coloured Indian dessert is definitely something you’ll love to have. The taste and the texture is promising and perfect for a Festive environment.


5. Vegetable Bhakarwadi:

Crispy tiny bhakarwadi roundels are delicious and healthy. These are easy to make and are so good that they’ll be over in a jiffy!


6. Aam Panna

Well, this is a mandatory drink for your guests on Gudi Padwa. Rich with mango pulp and delightful taste to enlighten your palate this will stand out amongst all other dishes!!


So which one is your favourite Gudi Padwa dish? Tell us in the comment below!

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