Vegetarian recipes for Holi

Holi is all about colours, but like any other Indian festival, the festivities are incomplete without various dishes cooked & shared with our loved ones. These are our favourite ‘Holi Special’ dishes the #ChefInYou must make!

1. Kesariya Thandai


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Thandai is mostly associated with Holi and is made using spices, dry fruits and milk. Traditionally, bhang is added to the thandai which makes it intoxicating. It is a cold, refreshing drink and cools down your body. Holi is incomplete without the recipe of this Kesar Thandai!

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2. Puran Poli


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Puran Poli is an Indian flatbread stuffed with sweet lentil filling and is traditionally made during festivals and special occasions, especially Holi. Top this with a large dollop of ghee and serve it with Amti and Rice.

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3. Mathri


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Pause your diet and make these mathri’s! They’re crispy, flaky and a perfect accompaniment with tea. Serve these to all your guests and enjoy for the days to come, as these mathri’s have a long shelf life.

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4. Gujiya


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While your diet is on hold, make these Gujiyas as well. They are a tradional Holi-special delicacy and are made from thickened milk and dry fruits. And incase you are trying to avoid fried foods, guess what, you can bake them too!

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5. Bhang Pakora


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If you are not a big fan of thandai, you can try this recipe of piping hot pakoras with just a hint of bhang. And for those of you, who don’t want to consume bhang, just leave it out while making these pakoras!

Recipe Link:

iChef wishes a very Happy Holi to the #ChefInYou

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