Cooking up vegetarian meals and desserts with leftovers

Made too much food and don’t want to eat the same dish again? We have some tasty solutions for the #ChefInYou to revamp some usual leftovers.

1. Rice Pudding


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An interesting twist to kheer, top this rice pudding with toppings like caramel, chocolate sauce, fruits, coconut slivers, nuts, cinnamon; the sky is the limit.

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2. Bean Sprouts & Green Tomato Salsa Wrap


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Here is how you can convert leftover rotis into a tongue-tingling snack. Just use them to wrap up a delectable combination of crunchy bean sprouts and tangy green tomato salsa! The juicily refreshing filling of the Bean Sprouts and Green Tomato Salsa Wrap happens to be rich in iron, vitamin C and fibre, which makes it quite as satiating as a full meal.

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3. Banana ice-cream


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Go Bananas with this single ingredient, zero trouble recipe. It’s insanely easy to make and will make you want to eat bananas multiple times everyday.

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4. Vegetable Bread Upma


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Use leftover bread for something different other than boring sandwiches by making this bread upma. It’s not only a twist on traditional upma but also a fun way to eat bread as a healthy and delicious breakfast.

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5. Dal Pancakes


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Make use of the leftover dal from your last meal to prepare these yummy dal pancakes! This savoury dish is a super healthy breakfast. Bring out your inner child and experiment with adding different vegetables and making your favourite shapes.

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6. Rice Pakora


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Who doesn’t love pakoras with a cup of hot steamy tea? These deep fried fritters can be easily made with leftover rice, spices and vegetables. With a juicy tender filling and a crisp outer covering, it’ll be your favourite snack!

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If the #ChefInYou doesn’t like cooking or having food prepared with leftovers, or even if you’re not so good at measuring exact ingredients; we’ll source and measure ingredients for some tastier gourmet recipes and deliver easy to prepare meal kits. Check out our current menu at

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    Loving the ice-cream idea!

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